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So, I was checking up on MFJ, which lately has been quite rare, and I noticed that I haven’t posted in a month!  Here’s a quick update on my life:

-I quit Vistek, and I guess you could now call me a “full time freelance photographer”.  I no longer have to say “I’m a photographer……. and I sell cameras retail”.  I’ve got a lot of cool projects lined up for this year, and I can’t wait to post them up here.

-I joined Twitter.  I did this mostly to follow my favorite bands, and a couple photographers.  Feel free to add me at  This thing will be full of iPhone photos, if you’re into that kind of weird voyeuristic thing, hah.

-The Oilers season is over, which officially means a few months of very few hockey photos, unless I go to the Memorial Cup (On my own dime, so we’ll see how I feel about that..)

-MyFotoJournal is absolutely a wicked company, and I can’t thank them enough for how generous they’ve been to everyone who helped them get off the ground to a good start, THAT is how you treat customers.

-I’ll be sending out an email to a few photographers in town offering my services as an assistant this summer, just to see how people run things in other industries/studios.  If you know of anyone who commonly hires contract assistants, PLEASE let me know, I’m not super familiar with the industry here so I’m not sure who the best people to contact are.

This afternoon I took a few photos of my house, which is now my “home office”.  I’ll be spending a ton more time here now that I’m jobless, and I’ve actually had two requests through MyFotoJournal to post photos of it, so here they are:











Glad to be back!  I took 5 rolls of film to Don’s Photo to get developed today, and I have one roll of black and white I’ll do myself tonight, so there’s lots more to come.


monday misc. v4

Pretty uneventful week, really.  I developed some film that’s been lying around for a few weeks, so I’ll post that up.  I’ve been working a lot on putting together a portfolio to hand out to a bunch of different people.. editing your own work is such a pain.  I’m my own worst critic, and nothing ever seems good enough, it’s really hard to choose 20 or so photos that I feel really show me as a photographer.  The hardest part, I think, is making sure to be conscious of personal importance vs. artistic merit.  A lot of the photos that are memorable to me are memorable for personal reasons rather than photographic reasons.  You have to be aware that the person criticizing your work may not see them the same way you do.  I feel my hockey portfolio is strong, but otherwise I’m a bit hesitant.

Anyone know of someone looking for shooters?  I’m up for almost anything, is anyone accepting portfolios?  I’d appreciate an email if you know a good place to show my work.




Impromptu dining room table


Rogue beers are delicious, especially the Juniper Berry Pale Ale


I’d wine and dine myself if I could


This mirror is often used for “oh shit, i have one exposure left what should i waste it on” photos


Bodum, and Intelligentsia Black Cat classic espresso.. Mmm..


Dyson DC31, small apartment owner’s best friend, seriously.


My workstation on gamenights.. headphones, camera, camera, laptop, and the most important: diet coke.


These guys have such a rad building, Apocalypse Gaming or something.. 107 St.


Dirty martinis, extra dirty, extra olives.. extra had way too many of them.  The Keg played host to Sterling’s 25th birthday and it was awesome.


More martini feat. creme brulée.


So.. that’s that.  Hope everyone has a good week!


a quickr pickr post

oil kings season over..

So.. the time is near where I’ll actually have some time at night!  I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, it’s so foreign to me.  Last night was the Oil Kings last home game, I took a few frames but didn’t shoot the whole game, here are a couple highlites:






6 more Oilers home games.. anyone know anyone looking for shooters this summer?  Really no idea what I’ll be doing beyond a few tournaments in Manitoba and Vancouver/Victoria.. looking forward to it!

monday misc. v3

The Monday posts have been successful in making me use my camera in situations where I woudn’t usually think so, which is great.  This is why I implemented these posts in the first place.  Sure, the photos aren’t always technically good, and most are even boring, but like I said when I started, I’m treating this place as a visual diary.

Homemade pizza is one of my favorite new things to make.  I’m not quite to the point where I’m making the crust (yet), but the results are absolutely delicious.  I really have no experience cooking and I’m making it a priority of mine this year to explore that a bit, and get better, and more acquainted with food prep/selection/etc.  If you have any good blogs/websites for me to check out, please list them in the comments, I know there are a ton out there so I’m looking forward to the adventure (I’m calling food an adventure?  ugh)


fresh basil/kalamata olives/red onions/red hot peppers something/hot sopraseta/grn peppers/red peppers/mushrooms/garlic/mmmmmm..


half tomato half pesto





I’ve been having a good time exploring all the different delicious beers available at DeVine Wines. The Hitachino Nest Beer White Ale is a heavy favorite so far, it is wicked good.


Hasselblad love.

I also had the pleasure this week of meeting fellow mfj’er Harvey Miedreich at Vistek.  His 100 People project is one of the things on here I always make sure to check out, it’s nice to see the interview/photo format instead of the standard portrait photos you see all over.  Another funny part to this story, I got an email the next day from someone from Vistek head office in Toronto, letting me know that people have been Twittering about me, and that that’s exactly the type of feedback that they want.  Thanks for mentioning me Harvey, I don’t have Twitter, so I can’t link to it or anything, but I thought that was funny.  Apparently, her job is just looking online for mentions of Vistek on Twitter/Facebook/blogs/whatever, what a weird world we’re living in.

Music this week: Joanna Newsom’s new one, Have one on Me, and The Very Best’s Warm Heart of Africa mixtape.  Check out an awesome performance by Joanna on Fallon last night below.  I have an absolutely unjustifyable crush on her, almost to the point of obsession.  She is so adorable, and her voice is literally perfect, I can’t get enough.  This video is a bit weird.. she looks very strange while singing, which I didn’t expect.  I wish she would stop doing the “talk out the side of my mouth, I’m a pirate” thing, but she’s WAY too adorable to be doing anything controved so I’m sure it’s honest <3

PS: a great website for anyone who uses Flickr to host photos: - It lets you put in your username, and it brings up your photos, and lets you create [IMG] tags, or HTML tags for website use.  It’s a great way to save time, without having to copy and paste a million links.

march 6, 2010 - saskatoon blades v edmonton oil kings

The Blades are one of the top teams in the league.. we kept up, even led 3-0 at one point, but it didn’t last.

Today I kind of peeked into the space of Vanguard Works, in my building, and it looks REALLY cool.  I’m going to contact them this week and see if they’ll let me shoot it. 

Mar 6 2010 - Saskatoon Blades v Edmonton Oil Kings - Images by Dylan Lynch

mamiya 7 scans

Got the film back from the Mamiya 7 rolls that I shot during this video












Color balance was a little wacky because I shot everything underexpeosed by accident, doh.

monday misc. v2

Welcome to the second installment of Monday Misc :)

It was a weekend full of celebrating Canadian gold medal domination, specifically the obvious highlight Sunday gold medal CAN-USA hockey game.  What an awesome way to finish off the Olympics!  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t super confident going into the final game, I was scared that Miller was going to steal it for the USA, but Canada came through and finished it how it was supposed to be finished, with our country on top. 

Not a lot of stuff to share this week, just some playing around the house with a few cameras.  I shot two rolls of color neg on my Mamiya 7, and one roll of 35mm on my Nikon S2 that I’ll be developing tonight.  Hopefully the Mamiya stuff will be scanned early this week, stay tuned for that.

First up, a few photos from my living room, just playing with the hasselblad waist level finder, and taking film out of the S2, nothing groundbreaking, but decided to take pics anyway:





When I’m REALLY bored, I’ll sometimes even take a self-portrait.  Holy cow I needed to shave (Got that done yesterday):


The cost of Canadian gold:


And it doesn’t stop there:


There’s nothing wrong with being drunk from 9am-1am, right?


My row of coats that I haven’t been having to use because the weather is BEAUTIFUL lately:


Check out a great gallery of photos from the gold medal final at the IIHF’s website, here.

Have a great week everyone :)

february 26, 2010 - kelowna rockets v edmonton oil kings

The four win streak is over, we were completely dominated, outscored 4-0 and outshot 53-21.  The lights weren’t working like they should, and I had awful signal everywhere in the arena except for the TV riser.  This meant lots of work for the Nikon 200-400 f/4.  Sometimes those games are nice, they’re so relaxed because you just sit in one spot.  The downside is that you rarely get something truly special form the TV spot, everything looks so “regular”.  The upside:  You see everything, you’re never not in the right spot.  I usually shoot half a period from here, the last 10mins of the game, so that I can get the winning goal.  This game, however, I spent two whole periods. 

Luckily, the game ended with 7 mins to go in the CAN-SLO game.. it was not a confidence inspiring 7 mins to watch.. Canada looked like they were sitting back, and Slovakia really made us work for it.  We have to play WAY better against the Americans or we’re going to get embarrassed.  Good luck to all the shooters there, what an amazing experience it must be to photograph an Olympic final, especially a CAN-USA showdown.

Feb 26 2010 - Kelowna Rockets v Edmonton Oil Kings - Images by Dylan Lynch

4x5 scans

Not exactly what we were expecting.  I think one of the holders is screwed because both of the REALLY off ones were from the same holder.  Anyway, I’ll post them because I said I would.  These were the shots taken while I was shooting most of this post.

All shots were taken and composed by Carolyn Brown, I was just the muscle ;)  Check out Carolyn’s Flickr here, and maybe she’ll post more often.






Alien Landscape

video footage!

Kyle Sanborn just finished editing the footage of us shooting the buildings around town recently.  I can’t believe the job he did with such minimal effort, in such little time, it’s awesome.  Kyle is in the process of building his website and portfolio, when it’s out it should be bonkers.  He’s got a RED camera on the way, and a rad lens to put on it.. once he gets ahold of everything he’s gonna be unstoppable! (is that enough sucking up, Kyle?) This video shows Keagan Brooks and myself around town shooting, for stills, check this post.  He’s manning the 5d2 with 24 t/s, and I shot a few rolls on the Mamiya 7 (should have those negs back by Tuesday, I hope.)

Anyway, on with the show:

The Visual Dynamic promo 1 from Dylan Lynch on Vimeo.  Filmed and cut by Kyle Sanborn.

For HD and way bigger size, click the link ^