Here is an always changing list of websites, blogs, etc that I check out almost daily, maybe you’d be interested in some:


Friends (all people I know personally, who I’d recommend to anyone):

Andy Devlin - LA Media and Design: The official photographer for the Edmonton Oilers, a frequent Hockey Canada shooter, and a nation-wide hockey event shooter.  The website sucks right now, but he’s working on it.

Keagan Brooks - The Visual Dynamic: My business partner on the commercial side of things.  Contact us for commercial or architecture work while we’re still cheap-ish!

Aaron Yakem - NAIT grad, maybe the most technically knowledgeable person I know under the age of 50.  Fellow Dyson vaccum owner.

Warren Hrycun - Ontario based NAIT grad, with the worst website name in the history of mankind.  He’s into the whole iPhonography thing now, but he’ll grow out of the 14 year old girl phase soon.

Matthew Manor - Cornerstone Creative: Ontario based shooter for the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Frequent Hockey Canada shooter, and I’ve shot some events with him.  Great guy, great photographer.



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