the 2010 mastercard memorial cup - abridged

Here are the highlights from the 2010 MasterCard Memorial Cup in Brandon, MB from May 14-23.  The Windsor Spitfires repeated as champions, and Taylor Hall became the first player in history (93 years!) to win the tournament MVP twice.  That kid is a special, special player, it’s becoming very hard for the Oilers not to choose him first overall in one month’s time.  We’ll see June 25.

I have to also mention that I loved Brandon as a city as well!  It was really green, lots of trees everywhere, the university building is BEAUTIFUL, it was built in 1906.  Everyone there did a great job running such an important event, it went super smoothly.  Unfortunately, at the end of the tournament, since I wasn’t there for a wire service, I wasn’t allowed on the ice, so I didn’t get the great trophy shots I had hoped for.. it put a bit of a damper that I didn’t get the “icing” after 9 days of shooting, but it was a lot of fun nonetheless.  The Memorial Cup is one of those events that every Canadian hockey fan should treat as a pilgrimage, somewhere you HAVE to go at least once.  I’m so happy I got the chance to witness it, and I hope it’s the first many (Road trip to Mississauga next year, anyone?).

Special thanks to all the talented and helpful photographers who made the days even more interesting, and who gave me an awesome birthday the night before the championship final, it was great to meet everyone, including Aaron Bell, Andy Devlin, Frank Gunn, Greg Plante and Richard Wolowicz. I saw awesome work from everyone there, and it showed me how challenging it will be to break into this industry; I can’t wait.

Game 1 - Windsor Spitfires v Brandon Wheat Kings - Images by Dylan Lynch
Game 2 - Moncton Wildcats v Calgary Hitmen - Images by Dylan Lynch
Game 3 - Brandon Wheat Kings v Moncton Wildcats - Images by Dylan Lynch
Game 4 - Calgary Hitmen v Windsor Spitfires - Images by Dylan Lynch
Game 5 - Windsor Spitfires v Moncton Wildcats - Images by Dylan Lynch
Game 6 - Calgary Hitmen v Brandon Wheat Kings - Images by Dylan Lynch
Semi-Final - Brandon Wheat Kings v Calgary Hitmen - Images by Dylan Lynch
Championship Final - Windor Spitfires v Brandon Wheat Kings - Images by Dylan Lynch

Now I’m home for another two nights, then off to the Sasquatch Music Festival in Washington state. It’s been a whirlwind of a month, I’m not sure I’ll have the patience to bring a camera with me there :)

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