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Pretty uneventful week, really.  I developed some film that’s been lying around for a few weeks, so I’ll post that up.  I’ve been working a lot on putting together a portfolio to hand out to a bunch of different people.. editing your own work is such a pain.  I’m my own worst critic, and nothing ever seems good enough, it’s really hard to choose 20 or so photos that I feel really show me as a photographer.  The hardest part, I think, is making sure to be conscious of personal importance vs. artistic merit.  A lot of the photos that are memorable to me are memorable for personal reasons rather than photographic reasons.  You have to be aware that the person criticizing your work may not see them the same way you do.  I feel my hockey portfolio is strong, but otherwise I’m a bit hesitant.

Anyone know of someone looking for shooters?  I’m up for almost anything, is anyone accepting portfolios?  I’d appreciate an email if you know a good place to show my work.




Impromptu dining room table


Rogue beers are delicious, especially the Juniper Berry Pale Ale


I’d wine and dine myself if I could


This mirror is often used for “oh shit, i have one exposure left what should i waste it on” photos


Bodum, and Intelligentsia Black Cat classic espresso.. Mmm..


Dyson DC31, small apartment owner’s best friend, seriously.


My workstation on gamenights.. headphones, camera, camera, laptop, and the most important: diet coke.


These guys have such a rad building, Apocalypse Gaming or something.. 107 St.


Dirty martinis, extra dirty, extra olives.. extra had way too many of them.  The Keg played host to Sterling’s 25th birthday and it was awesome.


More martini feat. creme brulée.


So.. that’s that.  Hope everyone has a good week!


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