monday misc. v2

Welcome to the second installment of Monday Misc :)

It was a weekend full of celebrating Canadian gold medal domination, specifically the obvious highlight Sunday gold medal CAN-USA hockey game.  What an awesome way to finish off the Olympics!  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t super confident going into the final game, I was scared that Miller was going to steal it for the USA, but Canada came through and finished it how it was supposed to be finished, with our country on top. 

Not a lot of stuff to share this week, just some playing around the house with a few cameras.  I shot two rolls of color neg on my Mamiya 7, and one roll of 35mm on my Nikon S2 that I’ll be developing tonight.  Hopefully the Mamiya stuff will be scanned early this week, stay tuned for that.

First up, a few photos from my living room, just playing with the hasselblad waist level finder, and taking film out of the S2, nothing groundbreaking, but decided to take pics anyway:





When I’m REALLY bored, I’ll sometimes even take a self-portrait.  Holy cow I needed to shave (Got that done yesterday):


The cost of Canadian gold:


And it doesn’t stop there:


There’s nothing wrong with being drunk from 9am-1am, right?


My row of coats that I haven’t been having to use because the weather is BEAUTIFUL lately:


Check out a great gallery of photos from the gold medal final at the IIHF’s website, here.

Have a great week everyone :)

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