sasquatch festival 2010.

What a crazy month, capped off with a crazy long weekend at the Gorge ampitheatre in Washington State.  This was my May:

Apr29-May11: Dauphin, Manitoba for the 2010 RBC Cup

May13-May24: Brandon, Manitoba for the 2010 MasterCard Memorial Cup

May26-June1: The Gorge Ampitheatre for the 2010 Sasquatch Music Festival

Total kilometers traveled, all by car (ugh): 7717km(ish)

The hockey stuff is boring for you guys, so I’ll just go over the highs and lows of Sasquatch here.

Favorite Performances:

1) Pavement - This band is the whole reason I went this year.  Honestly, I thought the lineup was as weak as ever, save for Pavement, they made it a no-brainer to be there.  Here’s Pavement’s story:  Indie band in the early nineties who never really made it “big”, but enjoyed modest commercial success.  They’re considered the first, or one of them, real indie band to experience any kind of mainstream play and acknowledgement.  They were around for about ten years, producing five incredibly diverse and influential albums, and a bunch of EP’s full of absolutely awesome music.  In 1999, they broke up, and went their separate ways.  I discovered them in 2003, and was totally bummed that they weren’t around anymore; in my head, I was never going to see them.  Late last year, they announced a reunion tour was happening in 2010.  The first show announced was a 4 night stint in NYC in September (I have tickets to all four shows, and can’t wait until September).  They announced a bunch more afterwards, and one of them was the 2010 Sasquatch Music Festival.

This show was perfect.  They played an amazing set, full of b-sides and stuff you don’t hear very often.  The crowd was very, very receptive and knew a lot of the words.  It was one of those experiences that you could tell was VERY special, and the whole time my head couldn’t get around the fact that I was seeing one of my favorite bands, despite being sure I never would.  Highlights were Silence Kid and Gold Soundz, but they couldn’t have gone wrong with any setlist.  Stephen Malkmus was as charming and loose as ever, Bob Nostanovich was crazy and uncontrollable, and even had his son come out and play piano on a song! (His son was probably 8-10 years old.)  To cap it all off, the crowd sang SM Happy Birthday, as the show was on his birthday, it was a relaly unique experience.

2) LCD Soundsystem - I knew this band was known for their live act, so I expected a LOT, and they didn’t disappoint.  James Murphy is such an anti-rockstar regular dude, it was awesome seeing how the crowd reacted to him.  They played lots from their new album, despite not playing Dance YrSelf Clean, which I thought could have been the festival highlight.  The other obvious big one from them was All my Friends, the crowd was so into it.. about 3 mins into the video you can see the synchronized arm-dance-thing everyone was doing, and when I turned around to see that from the pit (third row), it was pretty incredible looking.  Highlight was YEAH, the whole hill turned into a gigantic dancing mass.

3) Tallest Man on Earth - I’ve only recently started listening to him a lot, and live he was just as great as he is in the studio.  It’s really impressive that he can make so much happen, when it’s only him on stage, no support whatsoever.  The big surprise and highlite was the cover of Graceland by Paul Simon.  I didn’t know that he did any covers, so it was a really cool surprise.  If anyone has deserved a real comparison to Bob Dylan, it might as well be The Tallest Man on Earth, he’s a super cool dude.  He commented a few times on how he wasn’t used to that type of crowd, he pulled a huge crowd to his stage.. to put it in perspective, when he played Edmonton, he played at the Brixx Bar and Grill (Where?  Exactly.)

Also amazing:  Deadmau5 - Not really my style, but I was REALLY into it, super hard super loud dancey type music, just right for 1am in a gorge.  New Pornographers - This was the 4th time I’ve seen them, and the best.. probably a 99% Canadian crowd.  The Seattle Rock Orchestra - a 50-piece orchestra playing Arcade Fire’s ‘Funeral’, need I say more?  The Very Best - More dancey stuff, really good atmosphere and they were having so much fun on stage.  No Age - was front row, it was the loudest show of the weekend, really high tempo.

The biggest surprise for me though?  I brough two cameras and took almost no photos.  I took about 5 when we got there, just to say I did, and I took a roll of film while camping on the way home.. after a month like this one was, I needed a break.  Hope everyone had a good long weekend!

Tha campground wayyyy early on (You couldn’t see any grass once everyone got in :(  We were there quite early:


And now all my clothes smell like this:


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