it didn't rain - so we bbq.

Took advantage of one of the thirteen minutes of dry weather that we’ve had over the last two weeks and had a BBQ with my friends Sterling and Martina.  Everything was taken with the Sigma 30mm f1,4. 

This was a particularly important day, because Sterling just got confirmed for a job in Calgary with CIC (Canada Immigration and Customs).  He’s been one of my best friends since grade 6, and it’s really too bad that he’ll have to leave at the beginning of August.  It’s a real job, so it’s great for him and I’m really happy.  We’re going camping and kayaking this weekend, I can’t wait.

Weapon of choice


Ammo of choice, Ster and Martina went for pork chops.. I’m not much of a pork chop guy.  I have no idea how to marinade anything so I just rubbed it with olive oil, lemon, and mtl steak spice.. all worked out.


Out came Scrabble, it was too perfect a day not to do something outside on the balcony










I think I like BBQ’ed peppers as much as I like the steak.


Basking in the rays of defeat, I won.


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