Jul 18, 2010 - Capitals v Scorpions

This afternoon the Yuma Scorpions were in town to play the red hot Edmonton Capitals.  It was the Caps’ “Christmas in July” event, where santa and his reindeer (Yes, real reindeer) were there to entertain the kids, and to offer a cool, free photo op to everyone in attendance.

I’m still totally clueless about baseball.. maybe I’ll need to watch a game or two to get a better sense of anticipation.. because it’s certainly not in my brain yet.

Dasher?  Dancer? Prancer?  Anyway, there were three of these guys accompanying Santa.

Santa stands for the anthems.


Uh oh.. an argument, of course in my photographer braing I’m thinking “SWING AT HIM, TAKE IT TOO FAR!”

They swung, it went too far, and a bench clearing fight ensued.


And then they played more baseball.




LOL gtfo.


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