celebrate heroes

On June 28-29 Edmonton played host to the “Canada Celebrates Heroes” event, during which we paid homage to our Canadian Forces, and to our Canadian gold medalists from the Vancouver Olympics.  The event consisted of a ring presentation, a golf tournament, and an appreciation day at Commonwealth Stadium.  Both hockey teams were VERY well represented, with less than a handful missing from each team (One being Chris Pronger, so who cares right?).  It was a fun time, unfortunately not as well attended as they had hoped, but still amazing because the access to players was almost unlimited. 

Members of the Canadian Forces watch the festivities from atop a tank.

Flag bearer along the entrance, he seriously didn’t blink/move for 30 mins, I didn’t know we employed robots in the Forces.

Ryan Getzlaf signs autographs

These rings cost $20,000 each.. I’m sure they didn’t need them, but I hope they appreciated them.

Sid the Kid… I still get starstruck, I almost asked him to sign my jersey but he was SWAMPED by fans.

David Ash, the Canadian “Superfan”.  You saw him on TV every single game, and that is the exact flag that the team was carrying around on the ice.. this guy has seen some incredible sporting events.

Some country group?  Apparently they’re pretty big, but I have no idea who they are.  I’d appreciate it if you let me know if you know, that way I can fix some captions on these :)

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