30 days of soccer

So, expectedly I’ll admit, the World Cup 2010 in South Africa completely took over my life for the period of June 11-July 11.  I’ve been a Netherlands fan since I can remember, and this was a very special tournament for them.  Forever known as underachievers on the world stage, they’re certainly the best country to never have won a World Cup.  They made the finals in ‘74 and ‘78, but nothing of note since then, despite incredibly talented squads.  This year they came into the tournament on a GREAT run of international matches, they won every single qualifying game, and hadn’t lost in two years of play. 

I’ll spare the details of the tournament, but they had an excellent showing.. ousting teams like Brazil, and incredible players like Diego Forlan of Uruguay.  They made the final against Spain, and unfortunately did not come out on top.  It felt like when the Oilers lost game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals in 2006, I was completely crushed.

Here’s a few pics of the gear that I sported throughout the tournament, every single game day I went around everywhere with this on.. When I said it took over my life, I really mean it.  I hope everyone had a good month, and hopefully everyone was able to catch some action of the beautiful game, on the biggest stage in the world

I even did crafts!  I made this #1 finger out of an Oilers #1 finger I picked up at the draft party on the 25th, it was perfect!





Also, made this shirt for a friend of mine, because I couldn’t let her show up to the Dutch bar in Calgary sans team identification.  (PS:  The Ship and Anchor in Calgary was the BEST sports atmosphere I’ve ever been a part of.  It’s apparently owned by a Dutch guy, and everyone there was legitimate Dutch, legitimate obsessive fan.  They even stood and sang the entire anthem!  It was so much fun.)


Even when I’m talking with Hollywood execs, I’m KNVB’ed out.


PS: I’m aware that the flag is upside down in the floor pics.. meh.

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