crosby night in canada

Thanks to the NHL’s suspect schedule planning, we get to see Eastern stars like Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin very rarely.  Luckily, they’ve both been here this year.  I’m sure there were more Crosby jerseys in the crowd than Oilers jerseys, and deservingly so.  There was a really excited buzz around Rexall pre-during-post game, and the Pens did exactly what they did to us last year..  3 goals in the 3rd period, to erase our 2-0 lead.

Despite working around them all the time, I’m amazed that I still get “starstruck” when players like Sid are around.


Stall, Crosby, and Malkin.  This is the result of many number 1-3 draft picks.  It looks like the Oilers will enjoy the same privile\ge in coming years.


 Did I mention there were lots of Crosby jerseys?

DJL_2287.jpg DJL_2401.jpg

 A familiar sight at Rexall, the opposition celebrating a win.  :(

Screen shot 2010-01-14 at 10.33.48 PM.png

My photo was chosen for the NHL “Frozen Moment” from that night.. the Olympic torch made it out ro center ice with Pat Quinn, Shannon Szabados and Meaghan Mikkelson from the Canadian women’s hockey team.  I played against Shannon quite often throughout my minor hockey career, it’s cool to see she’s made it so far.

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