video footage!

Kyle Sanborn just finished editing the footage of us shooting the buildings around town recently.  I can’t believe the job he did with such minimal effort, in such little time, it’s awesome.  Kyle is in the process of building his website and portfolio, when it’s out it should be bonkers.  He’s got a RED camera on the way, and a rad lens to put on it.. once he gets ahold of everything he’s gonna be unstoppable! (is that enough sucking up, Kyle?) This video shows Keagan Brooks and myself around town shooting, for stills, check this post.  He’s manning the 5d2 with 24 t/s, and I shot a few rolls on the Mamiya 7 (should have those negs back by Tuesday, I hope.)

Anyway, on with the show:

The Visual Dynamic promo 1 from Dylan Lynch on Vimeo.  Filmed and cut by Kyle Sanborn.

For HD and way bigger size, click the link ^

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