monday misc. v1

Every Monday from now on, I’m going to use as a day to dump all the photos that aren’t important enough to be their own post.  These will likely include iPhone stuff, behind the scenes stuff, and other miscellaneous shots from the previous week.  We’ll call Monday Misc. my weekly visual diary.

DJL_2521Carolyn lines up a shot using my Cambo SC 4x5 camera outside on the patio


Hoping to have this 4x5 scanned early this week.


Her shirt reminds me of the Hudson’s Bay company blankets, it’s so cool.


More lining up shots, this time on 104ave in front of MacEwan.

Dinner for one?

Delicious lunch consisting of: Frozen grapes and Rogue Juniper Pale Ale, with a side of Sagmeister.

Changing bag shirt

This shirt?  Don’t like it so much, it fits like a changing bag.

What's winning?

A friend told me she was afraid of heights, so I showed her where I work from..

DSC_5455Isn’t she beautiful?  The camera of course ;)  Nikon S2 with 5cm f/1.4 lens, it’s for sale if anyone wants it.  $600, that’s a smokin deal.

DSC_5441A ***delicious*** meal with Carolyn.  First time I’ve ever made pizza at home and it was awesome.  Pesto, fresh basil, hot sopprasetta, kalamata olives, tomatoes, mozza and feta.  Effing incredible.

So there you go, version one of a hopefully continuing “Monday Misc.” post.

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