february 12, 2010 - edmonton oil kings v kootenay ice

Unfortunately another loss for the Oil Kings.  I tried the 200-400 from down low for a period, and though it produced great individual shots of players.. it was definitely too big.  It’s a total pain to handle with limited space.  The shots you get are excellent, but it’s so hard to handle that you don’t get the volume that you’d expect from a period of hockey.  That, paired with the fact that since you are on the other side of the ice, there’s too much opportunity to get players in your way.  The long shot at 400mm of the opposite net is great, but all too often there are a bunch of backs in your way.  There is the rare case when you get the clear shot, but it’s too rare to do too often.  It’s times like those where it would be amazing to have two team shooters at the game, one high for general action stuff, and one in the creative high risk/high reward spots.  You’re sure to get a great shot from those spots, but if you don’t get the volume, you’re not doing your job.

feb 12 2010 - oil kings v ice - Images by Dylan Lynch

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