vision hockey on-ice shoot

A while back, I made a post about doing some product stuff for a new local company called Vision Hockey.  They’ve just released their first stick on to the market, and I shot their promotional and product shots for their website and advertising.  Steve and Murray were great to shoot with, and gave me a lot of creative control.  We rented the Servus Credit Union Place in St. Albert and had the entire surface to ourselves.

Shooting on-ice portraits is something new for me.  I’m used to lighting the entire surface for game action stuff, this was much different.  I had never had to worry about reflections in the glass, hot spots on the ice, how the background looks, etc.  It was more challenging than I had expected.  The main concern was reflections of the lights in the glass.  It was a delicate balance between moving the lights into the desired spots for the shot, but also keeping them from causing flare and reflections. 

We used 1-3 lights depending on the shot: one of them barebulb, one with a snoot, and one with the 2-meter Alienbees PLM umbrella.  The PLM was the main light, relativiely close to the subject, the snooted light was a kicker on the subject’s face, and the barebulb was used mostly for background fill.

Steve and Murray were really enthusiastic about the stick, and were really excited about their company’s future.  That is promising, and I hope we get to shoot more when they have Ales Hemsky as a model, or even better.. 16s. remaining game-winning goal scorer Ryan Potulny! 

Here’s some of what we got:

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