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I’m going to go against the grain and post a bunch of behind the scenes photos before we even release what we’re working on this week.  We’re in the middle of making another short movie with Kyle Sanborn of Plainsight Pictures.  In case you’re new, here is the first one we shot, basically following Keagan and I doing architectural photographs around Edmonton.  It wasn’t very formal or planned, and we had to throw away 80% of the shots because we couldn’t stop goofing off on camera (we’re professionals). 

The Visual Dynamic promo 1 from Dylan Lynch on Vimeo.

ninja edit:  Holy shit my hair was awful at the back, pretty sure I got a haircut the next day.

Now, this one we’re shooting now is a bit more planned out, so I’m really excited.  The entire production is with video in mind, whereas before, Kyle just followed us around as we did our thing.  Now, we’re “doing our thing” to work for the video. 

I’ve shot 5 rolls of film so far, and to stretch it out, I’m going to post one roll per day.  Tonight should be fun, we’re going to look at what we have, and decide what music to use for it.  Also, we’re going to share a few beers and just bullshit about photography, hopefully coming up with some footage to use as a background voice/voice-over during the video.

These were all shot with Mamiya 7 and 80mm f4 on Kodak Portra 400 VC film.  The other rolls I shot are way more exciting, but I haven’t scanned them yet, so you’ll have to wait :)







Here are some digital shots that Aaron Yakem took during the first day of shooting:







a quickr pickr post

I’ll keep adding behind the scenes stuff until we finally get it finished, hopefully this weekend.

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