elk island nat'l park.

I spent a few hours inside Elk Island National Park today, about 45 mins East of Edmonton.  I was there mostly as a “scout” for future shooting.  It was a really boring, grey day, not much for helping photographs.  Of course, I still took a camera and shot a few frames of the local wildlife.  I’ve never shot wildlife before (unless you count the Calgary Zoo..), and all I can say is this:  You better have a TON of patience if you’re going to shoot wildlife well.  Usually, I’m just fine if I can sit and read, or listen to music.. but doing that takes your eyes off the scene, and you might miss the moment you’re waiting for.  Today, I didn’t do much waiting, as it wasn’t really a “photo trip”.

Next time I go, when the weather’s a bit nicer, I want to spend a whole day and see what I can get.  There seems to be a lot of good opportunities, as long as you’re willing to wait for them.










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