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So, I was checking up on MFJ, which lately has been quite rare, and I noticed that I haven’t posted in a month!  Here’s a quick update on my life:

-I quit Vistek, and I guess you could now call me a “full time freelance photographer”.  I no longer have to say “I’m a photographer……. and I sell cameras retail”.  I’ve got a lot of cool projects lined up for this year, and I can’t wait to post them up here.

-I joined Twitter.  I did this mostly to follow my favorite bands, and a couple photographers.  Feel free to add me at  This thing will be full of iPhone photos, if you’re into that kind of weird voyeuristic thing, hah.

-The Oilers season is over, which officially means a few months of very few hockey photos, unless I go to the Memorial Cup (On my own dime, so we’ll see how I feel about that..)

-MyFotoJournal is absolutely a wicked company, and I can’t thank them enough for how generous they’ve been to everyone who helped them get off the ground to a good start, THAT is how you treat customers.

-I’ll be sending out an email to a few photographers in town offering my services as an assistant this summer, just to see how people run things in other industries/studios.  If you know of anyone who commonly hires contract assistants, PLEASE let me know, I’m not super familiar with the industry here so I’m not sure who the best people to contact are.

This afternoon I took a few photos of my house, which is now my “home office”.  I’ll be spending a ton more time here now that I’m jobless, and I’ve actually had two requests through MyFotoJournal to post photos of it, so here they are:











Glad to be back!  I took 5 rolls of film to Don’s Photo to get developed today, and I have one roll of black and white I’ll do myself tonight, so there’s lots more to come.


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