1987 camaro; badass central.

So, my friend Sterling recently bought a red, 1987 Chevrolet Camaro, and I’m in love with it.  It’s loud, it’s huge, and it’s got T-tops.  I knew we had to shoot it.  We met Ster at his work, and told him to dress a bit “white trash-ey”, he pulled it off.

With help from Carolyn Brown, Keagan and I bossed Ster around for a bit and got a few nice shots.  Due to space and lighting constraints, we didn’t get exactly what we wanted of the car, but that’s how things go.  Sterling was very cooperative, and I was impressed with his patience as we tried to figure out some tricky lighting conditions.  When I told him that we wanted a shot of him and his car, I think he expected me to show up with my camera, take a few simple shots, and leave.. When we showed up with lights, cameras, stands, etc, he was a bit taken back but went with the flow (After being bribed with Wendy’s).

behind the scenes

carolyn posing

After a few different setups, we ended up going with a spontaneous portrait of Sterling in the driver’s seat.  This wasn’t planned, he just went for the pose and we got it, perfectly fitting for the situation.  The scar on his forehead was already there (beginner mechanics on 1987 Camaros was obviously a class he had not taken, yet.. but I won’t embarrass him here), and we decided to play it up a bit by adding a black eye.  This made for a rough, tough portrait of a dude with a rough, tough car, Sterling loved it, we love it, so I guess the job is done.


I can’t get enough of this car, paired with Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden.  I could druise for house with that song blasting way louder than sensible out the open t-tops, I can’t wait till summer again.

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