herman miller x eames = beautiful.

I picked 4 of these chairs last week from an awesome store in Edmonton called Populuxe Retro.  Populuxe specializes in mid-century modern furniture, and has an awesome collection that changes weekly.  The story of these chair is a good one, so I’ll tell the whole thing chronologically:

-I saw the chairs on Friday morning, and loved them.  There were 4, but I only wanted 2.  Unfortunately, they were only willing to sell them as a set.

-I spent all Friday afternoon trying to find someone willing to split the set with me, 2 and 2, no luck.

-Friday night, at 2am, I decide that I’m going to sell my couch and chair, so that I could buy the whole lot.  At this point, I figured that I would either sell the extra 2, or convince myself to keep them.  So, by 3am, I have the chairs on Kijiji.

-I find a buyer the couch and chair Saturday at 10am (7 hours overnight turnaround, and I actually sold them for $150 more than I paid for them, not bad hey?)  I tell my buyer “They’re yours, come pick them up tonight”.

-Phone Populuxe to tell them that I’ll take the set of 4, and that I could pick it up over lunch.

-Informed that they are no longer available, and that they’ve sold.  This ruins my day.

-Sulk around like a grumpy 11 year old for a few hours.  The fact that I’ve sold my couch and chair sinks in, and I realize that I now only own one single chair, that’s it.  This won’t do, so I embarrassing send my buyer an email telling her that I can no longer sell the chairs, because it would leave my new apartment in a dire need for sitting surfaces.  I send this email at about 4:45.

-Get a message at 5, saying “Someone from Populuxe Retro called and says that they’re available again”.  This saves my day and I bounce around like an excited 11 year old for a bit.

-Email my buyer, tell her “haha.. uhh… just kidding?  You can still pick them up today”, leave a message at Populuxe, and all is well in the world.

I’d should also mention that Populuxe Retro is only open on Fridays and Saturdays, from 12-5.  Despite this, the owner actually met me at the store on Sunday to open it and give me my chairs.. Not only this, but since I paid cash, he knocked another $50 off the total price.  Stand up guy, stand up store, definitely worth a regular browse.  Populuxe Retro.

So.. the chairs that took me on this rollercoaster ride of chair buying drama are none other than the Eames designed, Herman Miller made molded plastic stacking side chairs.  They’re perfect for my tiny place, because they have the stacking bases.  Although the stacking H-base is not as attractive or rare as an eiffel base, they are more practical, and that was the entire point of these chairs.  I’m trying slowly to get a mid-century modern look going for the new place, and I’m happy with the start these have given me.


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