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I’ll fill this space up with my thoughts on photography, in every aspect.  The business, the industry, the equipment, the photographers, I’ll hit all the topics here, I hope.  Also, this will be used for anything else I see fit, which I predict will be music, art, design, interiors, architecture, etc etc etc.  Hopefully, I’ll keep it dynamic enough to make it worth a regular check.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

^The Visual Dynamic -

A cooperative portfolio of Keagan Brooks’ and my own work.  The Visual Dynamic focuses primarily on commercial, architecture, and product.  Feel free to check it out.

Sports - Images by Dylan Lynch

^Dylan J Lynch -

This is my place for my editorial work.  I mostly will focus on sports, live performance, and general editorial work.  This site will be my portfolio, and this blog is associated with it as well.


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